The Welcome Table


The Welcome Table

An invitation.  Every Tuesday night, at 6 PM sharp, the doors of our social hall open with the aroma of freshly prepared food.  Guests are welcomed, seated at a table and served by a wait staff.  The three rotating cook teams make every effort to offer tasty and balanced meals for an average of 125-180 guests plus a significant number of volunteer workers.

Purpose.  To offer a free, nutritious meal once every week.  Guests include people of varied races and ethnicities and economic strata; guests include seniors, singles and families, those who are employed and those who are not, those with homes and those without.  All are welcomed with respect and warmth.
Focus.  To feed both physical hunger and the hunger for companionship.  

Goal.  To become a place where “volunteers” and “guests” work and share side by side, meeting needs, increasing understanding, and strengthening the community.
Special Sharing.  The guests and volunteers mingle to share concerns and joys.  Guests are invited to bless the food and share joyous occasions such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries.   Some guests even provide musical entertainment for the whole group.   At the end of the dinner hour, you’ll find guests helping volunteers put away the salt shakers, wipe down the tablecloths and straighten the hall.  Some guests become volunteers to assist in serving others.
Material Support.  A majority of the food is donated by local suppliers, a limited amount is purchased at very reasonable price from the Peninsula Food Bank and the final cost has been covered by donations made specially for the Welcome Table. 

Volunteers.  A very substantial number of the First Christian Church family  and friends share much joy and laughter, as volunteers in the weekly Welcome Table preliminary preparation, cooking and cleanup activities.   Once the meal actually begins a varying collection of volunteers from outside the church and younger members from within the church assume the actual serving of the guests.
Invitation.  You are invited to join us as guest or volunteer.  All are welcome and needed in this effort to make God’s love known in this community.