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April 25, 2019

Important Church Meetings & Date Changes


May 1, 2019

Business Cabinet- 6:00 pm


May 5, 2019

(Moved up to avoid Mothers’ Day!)

Elders & Deacons Meeting- 6:00 pm

FCC Board Meeting- 7:00 pm


May 19, 2019

Congregational Meeting-12:00 pm

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CMF District 8 Meeting at Chalice Christian

The men of the church have been quite active in district events.  Our next gathering will be on May 2nd, at 6:30 pm, at Chalice Christian Church.  Please let Dick know if you think you will be attending, so he can ensure enough meals are available.

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Easter Offering

Thank you for the generosity of your gifts to the Easter Offering.  This offering brings life, love and learning through the funding of regional work, colleges and seminaries, missionaries, and a multitude of other work that falls under the umbrella of the general ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ.  We raised $325.00!

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Congratulations to Morgan Rudy, as one of fifty students from her school choir at Westside Elementary in Smithfield, chosen to go to Washington DC to sing as part of the 500-member national youth choir at the Cherry Blossom Festival on Saturday April 13.  On the steps of the National Archives building, the national choir sang “This is Me” from the musical “The Greatest Showman.”

On Friday, April 26th Morgan will have a lead role in her school play, of the musical “Annie,” where she performs in the role of Miss. Aggie Hannigan.  Morgan is excited and a little nervous as she has gone from two lines in previous role to a lead role in just a years’ time.  We wish her the very best!

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Thank you

Thank you for all the prayers during my brother's illness and expressions of sympathy after his passing.

Pattye Oliver

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Office Hours – April 30th to May 2nd

Please note, starting Tuesday our Office Administrator will be away from the office. The office will still be open Tuesday & Wednesday, with shortened hours 9 am- 12pm (thanks to Sudie Stultz & Linda Kuster!) The office will not be open on Thursday.


Clothing Closet Needs

The church clothing closet will be shifting over to summer clothing on May 7, so as you go through your Spring and Summer clothes and shoes, anything clean and in good repair will be gladly accepted!  This Girl Scouts-initiated service is run by a volunteer and open during Welcome Table hours.  Individuals with specific needs can work with Angela to set aside and bag items for pickup.  ONGOING NEEDS include:

*New or gently used SOCKS for men, women & kids - all sizes.

*Adults disposable underwear for men & women - all sizes.

*Children’s disposable diapers – all sizes.

*Ladies personal monthly supplies (tampons, maxi/mini pads, panty liners).

*Sandals/Flip flops, tennis shoes (all sizes), swimming caps.

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Word from the Pastor

Hear, O Lord, and be gracious to me! O Lord, be my helper!

You have turned my mourning into dancing;

you have taken off my sackcloth and clothed me with joy,

so that my soul may praise you and not be silent.

O Lord my God, I will give thanks to you forever.

Psalm 30:10-12 (New Revised Standard Version)


I often write here of the Psalms, usually using one of those that occurs in the lectionary the week of the eNews.  I love the Psalms, perhaps because they have an energy about them, and if their spiritual conversation is sometimes raw is it from their authenticity in the relationship with God, as to where one is in life.  So, Post-Easter, this week Psalm 30 makes its appearance.

It is a curious thing, but not unusual in the ancient world, Psalm 30 being ascribed to David, when it was for the dedication of the Temple… which did not happen in David’s lifetime, but that of his son, Solomon.  But, it was indeed David’s dream, and this Psalm (according to the “Talmud,” a collection of teachings of rabbis from the first few centuries of the Christian era), was certainly used to rededicate the Temple in 165 BC, after the Maccabees had defeated Antiochus Epiphanes, and cleansed the Temple which had been defiled by this ruler’s pagan worship.  [This is found in I Maccabees 4:52, II Maccabees 10:1 & following, and John 10:22].

So what does this have to do with us now, this song of temple dedication/rededication, amid this season of Easter?  If all scriptures are for our reproof, correction, encouragement, what does Psalm 30 have to say to us today?

Given the scriptural references to our bodies themselves being temples, perhaps Psalm 30 is best read not as being about the dedication of an earthly structure, but through the lens of each individual being a “bayit” – a vessel – and that each of us is to be (re)dedicated to the service of God.  Reading its words, then, how would you see Psalm 30 as speaking to you?  How would it have a voice amid each and every one of your days and mine?  How would it rise in celebration of God’s salvation of our lives – and then asking of us in the new day:  will we dedicate ourselves, our words, our thoughts (yes, even our doubts and fears!), as well as our actions – to becoming an “inner temple” dedicated to the Divine, in Jesus’ name.?

I think that’s why the element of learned humility present in this Psalm just pops out.  It’s opening words speak to how good things had been, then hints of the subtle arrogance that had crept in (arrogance in that all was taken for granted) as a reality check was then experienced (as is not atypical in life!).  It then, in the experience of realigning life with God, demonstrates how moving toward God transforms life.  Maybe it doesn’t happen in a moment or twinkling of the eye, but life does become different.  Mourning turns to dancing.  Sackcloth of self-reproach is exchanged for clothes of joy.  Praise fills one’s being and it just cannot be repressed, as joy busts out all over!

The disciples of Jesus had experienced a few days of just not being that reflective of what Jesus had been attempting to teach them for three years, then the dawn of Easter came!  The stumbling Peter whom Jesus had some time earlier perceived as a “rock,” became that very thing.  The disciples are seen as finding a boldness that had not been in them before, as they went from those looking at what they didn’t have to those who possessed everything in God.  The resurrection changed them!

Psalm 30, all of it, not just the marvelous conclusion, is an invitation to ponder the best of who we once were, whether as individuals or as congregation, and in the experience of the Risen Lord, to move forward in life.  To dance.  To exhibit joy.  To praise.  To not shut up about the goodness of God, in Jesus Christ.  To give thanks.  To become His witnesses.  It is a reminder of our call:  to “go and make disciples” [Matthew 28:19-20] – and bring the temple within us to life!




*Pastor’s Sermon blog:

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CMF District 8 Meetings (2019 Schedule)

May 2, 2019 - Chalice Christian

July 25, 2019 - Grafton Christian

October 24, 2019 - Virginia Beach Christian

* Copies of the schedule through October 2024 are in narthex. *

* These are all “dinner” meetings which start at 6:30 p.m. *

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Craig Springs Work Camp

(May 24-26)

 Registration is open until May 15th for helping at the Craig Spring Camp in preparation for the summer program.  The food and lodging are free.  Dates are Friday, May 24th (arrival and work at any point in day), through Sunday afternoon (May 26th).  Flier and registration forms are available at church office, but online registration is preferred by the camp.  To do so, go to  Please note:  ALL COUNSELORS (nature Camp included) must register online at:


2019 Schedule

Spring Work Weekend—May 24-26

Diversity Camp – June 17-22

Nature Camp – June 24-28

Special Camp – June 30-July 3

Art, Music, Photography, Dance & Drama Camp – July 8-13

1st Triple Camp – July 14-19 (3rd-5th, 6th-8th, 9th-12th grades)

2nd Triple Camp – July 28-August 2 (3rd-5th, 6th-8th, 9th-12th grades)

New Covenant – August 3-9 (1st-3rd grades)

Family Retreat – August 9-12

Fall Work Weekend – October 11-13







Welcome Table Wish List.

The Wishlist has been updated to reflect items needed for weekly meals. Our pantry is in short supply of items not available from the Foodbank and not received in weekly Food Lion pickups. Please check the Wish List in the most recent e-news prior to making a purchase, as changes will be made based on needs identified by the lead cooks. If you bring donations on a Sunday, please place them on the tables across from the Welcome Table pantry. As always, your gifts are greatly appreciated!

Current Needs:

§  Eggs

§  Margarine or butter quarters

§  Cornbread mix

§  Beef broth

§  Vegetable broth

§  Canned sweet potatoes

§  Stuffing mix

§  Cream of mushroom soup

§  Beans-black, pinto, navy, great northern

§  Applesauce

§  Canned fruit

Items NOT Currently Needed:

§  Instant mashed potatoes

§  Tomatoes (any type)


Got Clothes You No Longer Need?

Fall cleaning and those great clothes don’t fit anymore (one way or the other)?  Bring CLEAN clothes in good repair to the Girl Scouts’ clothes closet at the church.  It is open during Welcome table hours and gets a lot of much-appreciated use!  Clean clothes, shoes, hats, etc. – are all needed. Leave your bag of donated clothes outside the clothes closet door.


HELP Inc’s Community Pantry & Medical Needs.

·       Emergency Food Pantry.  Always needed – peanut butter, dry potatoes, SpaghettiO’s, canned chicken/spam/ham, cereal, oatmeal, grits, powdered milk packets, canned vegetables & toilet paper.  HELP will not accept expired items nor soft drinks.

·       Medical Equipment & Supplies.  Have no longer needed walkers, wheelchairs, adults “Depends” or children’s diapers, or other unused medical supplies?  HELP’s medical and dental clinics can use them to assist those without medical insurance.


Box Tops for Education!

Bring in your "Box Tops" and drop in the basket in Narthex.



After Worship Refreshments Sign-Up.

Want to help out with cookies or simple finger-foods for members and guests to enjoy following worship?  A sign-up sheet is in the Narthex.  No baked goods requiring the use of plastic utensils or paper plates, except for the first Sunday of the month when we celebrate birthdays.  Those providing cookies may also provide lemonade if so desired.  The CMF will continue to prepare the coffee and maintains a stash of commercially packaged cookies, in the event that we do not have a cookie volunteer.


Sermon Copies & Lectionary Readings.

Printed sermon copies are kept on the literature carousel in the Narthex, and online at:

Read the scriptures lessons for upcoming Sundays online, go to:  Readings are in the New Revised Standard Version.


Church on the Web at:

The website is a useful “one-stop shop” resource for church members and the community.  The “Welcome” page has links to all our social media sites, scriptures for each Sunday, and pastor’s sermons.  On other pages you can find links to daily meditations, helpful resources, and more!  Make it a “favorite” for yourself and others!






May 1

Business Cabinet, 6:00 pm

 May 2

 CWF Group 2, 10:30 am

 CMF District 8 Meeting, 6:30 pm-Chalice Christian Church

 May 5

Birthday & Anniversary Celebrations

Elders & Deacons Meeting, 6:00 pm

 FCC Board Meeting, 7:00 pm

 May 9

CMF , 6:30 pm

 May 12

Mothers’ Day

 May 19

Congregational Meeting after worship

May 22

WT Steering Team, 5:30 pm

May 27

Memorial Day

Church Office Closed

 June 2 & June 9

Pentecost Offering

 June 9



  Welcome Table Teams

     Cooking        Shopping

     Apr 30 Herring & Cuthrell

     May 7 Kuster & Boyer

     May 14 O’Brien & Kuster

     May 21 Miller & Cuthrell


Bulletin & eNews Inputs


Bulletins.  If you have calendar items for the Sunday bulletins, please let Tiffani know by close of business on Mondays, so there is plenty of time to get everything right in them and on the announcement roller before worship.


ENews.  Same thing, please send or drop off with Tiffani on Mondays, every other week.  Because that can be hard to keep up with, just call Tiffani.  She keeps us all straight!


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