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November 29, 2018

Congregational Meeting (December 2)

A congregational meeting has been called for December 2nd, immediately following worship, to vote on 2019 budget.  Please plan to remain for this important meeting.

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Birthdays & Anniversaries

1st Sunday of the Month Celebrations!

One of the real blessings this past year has been how Pam Goode has made it possible for us to have a wonderful post-worship service festivity for those having birthdays and anniversaries during the month.  Each month is a unique creation in cake or cupcakes (and yes that burger is actually a cake), or however the imagination conveys the spirit of the month!  Take time to marvel and to enjoy the time connecting with one another!

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 Hanging of the Greens (December 1)

Saturday, December 1, 9 am

Starting at 9 am, we will hang the greens and prepare the Lord’s house for the Advent season.  Come when you can, stay as long as fits in your schedule.

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Let’s Go Caroling! (December 2)

Sunday, December 2, 3:00 pm

Meet at the church; from there we’ll head out to carry Christmas greetings and share Christmas carols with our church family unable to get out and about this season.  Then we’ll head back to the Herrings’ home (across the street from the church) for food and fun; bring a snack to share!

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All-Church Christmas Party (December 12)

Wednesday, December 12, 6 pm

Our Christmas Dinner is to be held on Wednesday, December 12th at 6:00 pm, in the Fellowship Hall.  Please bring your favorite holiday dish to share.  Please sign up on the sheet in the narthex (or call Tiffani), if you plan to attend, and we do hope to see you that merry evening!  (The jolly guy in a red suit will make a visit at the end of the meal). 

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Christmas Cantata (December 16)

Sunday, December 16, 10:45 am

Come share the joy of the Choir’s Christmas Cantata during the Sunday morning worship service.  Our amazing choir is dedicating much extra time and extra energy to this gift – come and receive!

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“The Warming Tree” for The Rescue Mission

The “Warming Tree” will be set up in the Narthex/lobby by Sunday Dec 2nd, ready to receive your hats, scarves, gloves, men’s-size long underwear, and gently used coats!  All donations will be delivered to the Peninsula Rescue Mission for distribution.  Thank you!

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Thanksgiving Offering

Thank you for all of your donations toward higher education, developing leaders for our communities and the church. The total collected was $191.00.

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Christmas Offering (December 16 & 23)

The Special Christmas Offering supports regional ministries of the Disciples of Christ in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Virginia region nurtures ministers and provides opportunities to congregations for work, worship and retreat.  This offering will be received December 16 and 23.

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Are You a Writer?

Like to write?  Interested in writing a short devotion to share with the congregation and related to any of the readings found on page 4 of the Disciples’ Advent Devotional Guide (below)?  Or, perhaps writing on another passage that speaks to you as to the Advent season and its message of hope, peace, love & joy?  Please contact Vinson.

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Disciples’ Advent Devotional Guide

Here is the link to the Disciples’ 2018 devotional guide to Advent, with readings and prayers. They will also be posted on Facebook.

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Daily Email Advent Devotions

Starting the first Sunday in Advent and through Christmas, you will receive a daily email from Vinson which will include a scripture and devotion.  Drawing from various works of the late Henri Nouwen, who served as a chaplain on college campuses and later with the developmental-disabled, in the simplicity of his writing is much to ponder.  They remain a “go-to” among clergy, for their mentorship in the walk as a disciple of Jesus.

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Word from the Pastor

Go home and wash up. Clean up your act. Sweep your lives clean of your evildoings so I don't have to look at them any longer.  Say no to wrong.  Learn to do good. Work for justice.  Help the down-and-out.  Stand up for the homeless.  Go to bat for the defenseless.

Isaiah 1:16-17 (The Message Translation)

 It was 1968 and our first Christmas at a new church, my Dad being the pastor of the primary church in the village of 350 souls.  With the Advent season, my Mom decided to do an “open house” gathering that month.  Mom was always wise about people and given the rocky start a couple months earlier, when my Dad shocked the congregation by inviting an African-American minister and his family to Dad’s installation, well… there was a need to enhance the relationships to make way for change.

However, what Mom always remembered about that evening, was a small, singular event.  An incredibly dear friend had arrived, only to be informed rather “helpfully” by me (I was 9 years old), that “The house isn’t always this clean!”  I meant it as a point of pride, a way of saying we had worked hard to made it really special for our guests, but of course, Mom remained mortified over the years!

Our houses aren’t the same at Christmastime, we must admit.  Maybe they are indeed cleaner or less cluttered, if only to make room for the Christmas Tree, creches, and other decorations of the holidays.  Then again, they may not, but it’s not dust, dishes in the sink or unfolded laundry that’s of concern to the prophet Isaiah; nor is it having up all the festive decorations of this season of Great Joy.  It’s the manner of the life we live – often in ways that we ourselves may even deem insignificant – but which in the hands of God, are not!

For instance, “justice” covers a wide ground, it can relate to a major social issue or just helping someone get their insurance straightened out.  Helping the “down and out” can be everything from being with another who is depressed and/or discouraged to helping someone in major economic distress.  Caring for the “homeless” can range from the Welcome Table to giving to HELP, or just buying someone a meal on a cold day.  Going “to bat for the defenseless” covers an even wider part of life.  Regardless of whether their place or ours is clean all the time, Advent is an invitation to a holy life, being present with others absent of a transactional expectation, as our heart is oriented toward the bright morning star that is Jesus Christ. 







Welcome Table Wish List.

The Wishlist has been updated to reflect items needed for weekly meals. Our pantry is in short supply of items not available from the Foodbank and not received in weekly Food Lion pickups. Please check the Wish List in the most recent e-news prior to making a purchase, as changes will be made based on needs identified by the lead cooks. If you bring donations on a Sunday, please place them on the tables across from the Welcome Table pantry. As always, your gifts are greatly appreciated!

Current Needs:

  • Eggs

  • Margarine or butter quarters

  • Cornbread mix

  • Beef broth

  • Vegetable broth

  • Canned sweet potatoes

  • Stuffing mix

  • Cream of mushroom soup

  • Beans-black, pinto, navy, great northern

  • Applesauce

  • Canned fruit

 Items NOT Currently Needed:

  • Instant mashed potatoes

  • Tomatoes (any type)

  • Canned corn


Got Clothes You No Longer Need?

Fall cleaning and those great clothes don’t fit anymore (one way or the other)?  Bring CLEAN clothes in good repair to the Girl Scouts’ clothes closet at the church.  It is open during Welcome table hours and gets a lot of much-appreciated use!  Clean clothes, shoes, hats, etc. – are all needed. Leave your bag of donated clothes outside the clothes closet door.

 HELP Inc’s Community Pantry & Medical Needs.

·       Emergency Food Pantry.  Always needed – peanut butter, dry potatoes, SpaghettiO’s, canned chicken/spam/ham, cereal, oatmeal, grits, powdered milk packets, canned vegetables & toilet paper.  HELP will not accept expired items nor soft drinks.

·       Medical Equipment & Supplies.  Have no longer needed walkers, wheelchairs, adults “Depends” or children’s diapers, or other unused medical supplies?  HELP’s medical and dental clinics can use them to assist those without medical insurance.

 Box Tops for Education!

Bring in your "Box Tops" and drop in the basket in Narthex.



After Worship Refreshments Sign-Up.

Want to help out with cookies or simple finger-foods for members and guests to enjoy following worship?  A sign-up sheet is in the Narthex.  No baked goods requiring the use of plastic utensils or paper plates, except for the first Sunday of the month when we celebrate birthdays (Pam Goode provides everything needed for the birthday celebrations).  Those providing cookies may also provide lemonade if so desired.  The CMF will continue to prepare the coffee and maintains a stash of commercially packaged cookies, in the event that we do not have a cookie volunteer.


Sermon Copies & Lectionary Readings.

Printed sermon copies are kept on the literature carousel in the Narthex, and online at:

Read the scriptures lessons for upcoming Sundays online, go to:  Readings are in the New Revised Standard Version.


Church on the Web at:

The website is a useful “one-stop shop” resource for church members and the community.  The “Welcome” page has links to all our social media sites, scriptures for each Sunday, and pastor’s sermons.  On other pages you can find links to daily meditations, helpful resources, and more!  Make it a “favorite” for yourself and others!


 Dec 1

Decorate the Church, 9am

 Dec 2

Congregational Meeting, After worship

Caroling Party, Herring Home - 3:00 pm

 Dec 6

CWF Group 2, 10:30 am - Pat Wallace’s Home

 Dec 12

All Church Christmas Dinner, 6:00 pm

Dec 13

CWF Group 1, 6:00 pm - Rosalita’s

Dec 16

Christmas Cantata

Sunday Worship

 Dec 16 & Dec 23

Christmas Offering

 Dec 24

Christmas Eve Service

7 pm




Welcome Table Teams

   Cooking        Shopping

   Dec 4   Herring & Kuster

   Dec 11 Kuster & Cuthrell

   Dec 18 O’Brien & Raiford

   Dec 25  All lead cooks


 Bulletin & eNews Inputs


Bulletins.  If you have calendar items for the Sunday bulletins, please let Tiffani know by close of business on Mondays, so there is plenty of time to get everything right in them and on the announcement roller before worship.


ENews.  Same thing, please send or drop off with Tiffani on Mondays, every other week.  Because that can be hard to keep up with, just call Tiffani.  She keeps us all straight!

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