First Christian Church "E-news" for January 18, 2018



First Christian Church

Hampton, Virginia

January 18, 2018


Memorial Service for Dot Penn (Jan 27th)

The congregation will honor the memory of Dot Penn with a memorial service on Saturday, Jan. 27th, starting at 11 a.m.  A catered luncheon will follow, which will provide a n opportunity for additional remembrances of Dot.  At the request of the family, memorial donations are requested to be addressed to First Christian Church, trusting that the Board will identify their best use.  The obituary, for those searching, has not yet been published.

* * * *

Communications Survey

Although we live in the “Communication Age”, getting information to our church family is a continuous challenge.  Currently we communicate via Sunday morning announcements, information on the church web site and group email addresses on various church lists.  However, not everyone attends worship services each Sunday, some people cannot easily access the church website, and emails are not received by all the addressees.  Hence, we are looking at both how to make the current systems work better and some new methods.

We are in the process of developing a survey form to go to everyone.  Since it is now obvious that no one system works for everyone, the survey will include requests for information on the communications methods available to you and your preferences.  Everyone interested in receiving the Enews, information about church events and prayer requests should be prepared to respond so that we can best meet your needs.

* * * *

District VIII CMF Meeting (Jan 25th)

All men of the church!  You’re invited to the District Men’s Meeting, which will be held at Hampton Christian Church, on Thursday, Jan 25th at 6:00 PM.  HCC is located at 151 E. Mercury Blvd, here in Hampton.  Cost of dinner is $7.00 per person.  Please RSVP by Jan 21.  You may use the sign-up sheet in the narthex, email the church office at, or call (757) 826-1170.

* * * *

Mid-Winter School Supply Drive

First Christian Church has a special relationship with Davis Middle School just down the street.  The school dearly needs a resupply of pencils, paper, spiral notebooks and folders.  The school system does not provide and teachers often have children without needed materials.  Items may be placed in the School Supply Box in the narthex.  Thanks for your help!

* * * *

                                    Night’s Welcome Needs Help (Jan 20-27)

A Night’s Welcome Winter Shelter is a program for the homeless in which area congregations rotate hospitality providing shelter, dinner and breakfast meals during the cold winter months.  Doors open at 6 pm (1 hr earlier) and close at 7 am the next morning. Each guest has a detailed case management intake sheet completed and they are evaluated for additional services. The program currently runs 24 weeks during the coldest winter months, from October through early April.  Churches host a week at a time. 

Bethany United Methodist Church, our neighbor just down Todds Lane, has requested volunteer and other assistance.   Contact Brenda Wilkerson if you want to help (757-879-9998).

 * * * *

CMF Pancake Lunch (Feb 11th)

The men’s group of First Christian Church are hosting a “Pancake Lunch” following worship on February 11th.  This is a major fundraiser to support sponsorships for special needs camping experiences at the region’s Craig Springs.  The camp’s website is: .  Any questions, please see Dick Garrett.

 * * * *

Week of Compassion Offering (February)

The Week of Compassion offering is how we as Disciples of Christ join with hundreds of thousands of people to express our Christian witness and create real change in the world.  Christ’s work in the world healed the sick, fed the hungry and brought hope to communities burdened by challenges.  The call in our age is to carry on this mission of care for others, in Jesus’ name.  Week of Compassion responds to needs and disasters within the U.S. and abroad.  Your individual offering matters, and while giving can be done online year-round, we will be taking up this special offering on Feb. 18th & 25th.

* * * *

Ash Wednesday (Feb 14th) & Lent

More will be forthcoming in the next issue of E-news, but yes – Lent is coming!  

* * * *

In other news, Chalice Press, the publishing arm of the Disciples of Christ, has resources for Lent that are available for online purchase.  Such as “Following the Way, Fellowship of Prayer 2018 Lenten Devotional” and a marvelous adult-level coloring book for meditation, “Coloring Lent: An Adult Coloring Book for the Journey to Resurrection.” They can be found at:

* * * *

Choir Rehearsal

 Practice resumed after all the New Year’s break and that one huge snowfall.  Bell Choir meets at 6:30pm and Choir follows at 7:15 pm.

* * * *

A Word from the Pastor

This coming Sunday marks the “Week of the Laity” within the Disciples of Christ.  Perhaps we need that reminder of the centrality of those who aren’t clergy, to the essential ministry of Christ’s church.  As a pastor, I know it takes each of us, in a myriad of ways – and always prayer – to effectively demonstrate Christ’s presence in this thing we call church (and more specifically, “First Christian Church”).

A defining characteristic feature of God's work is evident in how Jesus chose very ordinary people in what we celebrate as this “priesthood of all believers,” as Paul called it.  Consider the apostles.  No wealth or position of import.  Most, I suspect, illiterate.  Certainly, no rabbis or other highly trained folk.  Just ordinary people called to take upon themselves God’s work and do amazing things in God’s name.  Chosen not for who they were, but for what Jesus saw in them – the capability to become disciples and thereby minister to others.  While he only called 12 to be apostles and certainly others (like myself) are called to the ordained ministry – the point is that God calls each of us to serve, in a host of ways (in the spirit of I Corinthians 12:4-7, where it is written: “Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit; and there are varieties of services, but the same Lord; and there are varieties of activities, but it is the same God who activates all of them in everyone.  To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good.”

There are so many ways that God has called out those within our congregation in service.  Elders, Deacons, CWF, CMF, Welcome Table, Choir, Board, etc.   We rise in thankfulness and kneel in prayer for each.

In Christ,


Rev. Vinson Miller, Pastor

 * * * *

Email & Other Such Things

If you see this email, you have access to the internet, the church website, the pastor’s blog, and maybe even the church Facebook page.  However, we are aware that not everyone is getting our mass emails, be that E-news or various announcements, due to various oddities of email server, and because some don’t have email accounts.  This is being looked into as we move forward.  Any questions/comments?  Contact Vinson or Tiffani, at the church officer (757) 826-0711.

* * * *

Box Tops for Education

 Bring in your "Box Tops" and drop in the basket in Narthex.

* * * *

Welcome Table Volunteer Needs

Lead Cook

ServSafe Manager

* * * *

Welcome Table Wish List

Canned vegetables

Canned baked beans

Canned peaches or apples

Diced tomatoes

Canned sweet potatoes

Instant Mashed Potatoes

Light brown sugar

Creamed soups (chicken, mushroom, celery)



Jan 20

Welcome Table celebrates the start of its 4th year!

Jan 25

CMF District 8 Hampton Christian Church, 6:00 pm

Jan 27

Memorial Service for Dot Penn 11:00 am

Jan 31

 CWU Meeting, 10:00 am

Feb 1

CWF Group 2 10:30 am

Feb 7

Business Cabinet 6:00 pm

Feb 8

CMF Meeting 6:30 pm

Feb 11

CMF Pancake Lunch after worship

Feb 14

Ash Wednesday

Feb 18 & 25

Week of Compassion


Welcome Table Teams


                 Cooking        Shopping

  Jan 23    Herring…..Kuster

     Jan 30    Kuster…... Cuthrell

   Feb 6      O’Brien….Raiford

  Feb 13    Herring…..Kuster